The Glass Masses

by Rags & Ribbons

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Our debut LP "The Glass Masses"


released January 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Rags & Ribbons Portland, Oregon

Rags & Ribbons play melodic rock anthems driven by classically-inspired piano. Progressive and post-rock influences by way of Muse, MEW, Florence + The Machine, and Sigur Ros color these intricate pop songs, expressing desire, yearning, regret and joy like only pop can. ... more

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Track Name: Even Matter
Watch, watch, watch inside of my head.  
It turns around again and again.  
Does it matter, does it even matter,
does it even matter anymore?
Track Name: Liar
A house of steel, a house of stone,
I didn’t build what I was told
And it all came down.
I left the women, I left my mother,
forgot my father, and lost my brother.
I let them all down.

Don’t let me cut you down anymore,
I’m just the liar that you’ve always known.
Don’t let me hurt you now.  Let me go,
I’m just the liar that you’ve always known.

I heard you sing about the fire,
I said I cared but I’m a liar.
So now you know.
They gave me all there was to offer, I ate it up
because I’m a monster.
And away I go.
Track Name: The Marks you Make
I’ll protect you in the corners of my mind,
You are one I won’t forget all my life.

So whether you’re in or out there,
And whether you do or don’t care,
You made a mark to remember,
And I hope it’s a mark you come back for.

Find your one, treasure find all you can,
I choose to wait, wait for you just where I am.

The marks you make,
The marks I find come alive.

We can only get so far on our own,
You don’t have to go alone so go with me.
Track Name: Kings
Kings of us all
I hear you standing on the world
as I am looking for a way out.
My dreams are taking my life away
and I am losing all my time on sweet visions.

And it’s true you are the only one I want.
And I’m trying hard to be like you
‘cause you are the only one I want.

My envy of you is tearing me apart,
Turn it off, turn it off.
All I want is to be you, perfect from the start
Turn it on, turn it on.

I follow you, paralyzed by
each and every move you make, a sight I’m glad I saw.
We’re not so different, but I still fear if I will ever make it as far as you have.

And I’m pleading my case that in some way I still belong.
And I’m trying, always trying
to prove a chance is never gone.

All of you, all of you, all of you, I want all of you.

Worthy enemy, golden enemy,
How do you do all that you do?
(I see it all through my eyes)
Always the favorite, always the favorite,
The race is your life and it is my life.

It’s true you are the only one I want.
Track Name: Moving On
Was I the only one all this time,
thinking it was worth the fight and more?
Won’t you stand with me?
Stand and fight.

As I dream on, you carry on.
And I guess I’ve been dreaming on as you’re moving on.

So that’s when I lost touch, but I paid no mind.
It’s something that you risk when you care.
And I saw with my own eyes.  You stood and you fought.

As I wake, it’s clearer now.
That as I dream on, you’re moving on.

So I lay me down again and I fall asleep
again, and I make a vow: I won’t stay here for long.
Track Name: Abacus Kids
I see fireworks in the sky
Kids I heard were right
How they all felt it, felt it inside
Didn’t need any kind of a sign

Word for word,
We’re just falling in line.
Go fight win,
But you’re wasting your time.

I see fire

In my shadows I saw them come,
Kids I knew they had won.

No it won’t be long, I see them coming up.
They’re coming up.
Track Name: Lady in the Midnight Sun
Lady in the midnight sun,
Can’t you see, oh you can see,
You’re not afraid at any time of the boys,
the boys, the boys.
It’s true, you know,
The smoke says you’re alone.

And your skin tells no lies,
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
I’ve been around all the world
And you’re the one for me.
This room, so dark,
Come out play your hearts.

And turn on your bright lights from the inside, now.

Lady in the midnight sun,
Rocket ships one by one,
And all you have is time,
So use your body on me.
Drinks down, and heads high.
So lets show them who’s tonight.

And turn on your bright lights from the inside, now.
Track Name: We Have Been Here Before
You let your guard down yet it’s so familiar,
And it’s funny how you’ve been right here before.
It’s such a long, long, long way down
And then you fall so hard.
You’re gonna tell me why’d you stay here.
Did you think that you were safe here?
Well why don’t you say just what you need to say?
Say you need just one more touch.

What if I tell you all you want to hear?
What if I stayed?
What if I never left your side?

Why were you so careless?
Tell me why you give so much.
Oh but I know now it’s not easy when you care so much.

What if I tell you all you need to hear?
What if I loved you?
I would always be here with you.

I have always loved you,
I will always be hear with you.
Track Name: Push Back
I’m not letting go
Because I know the way out.

So push it all back,
Push it all back
Push it all down, yeah.
Push back, push back, press on, press on.

Don’t stop calling out.
Don’t stop screaming out.
Track Name: The Minds
With you in time we lose our minds,
But it’s clear that we are everything.

Here I am, so hear me out.
You and me are gonna be something.
Gonna be something.

Lose your mind,
I’m never gonna leave you behind.

Moving on, keep moving on ‘til it’s done
We are everything.

It’s time for us, time for us
Won’t give up on what we’ve been working for.
Track Name: Prelude
Can you embrace instability,
You know, you know these are tools and yes we are fools.
It’s the one thing I’ve learned
And I can see we are lost,
I know, I know you can tell,
We don’t hide it well
But I no longer mind

Soon enough when it comes I know I’ll find a way
You will be free

Wake up and see,
Somebody open your eyes and see we are losing,
Losing control but I won’t wait to see the end.

O, I see the walls come down
O, I’ll meet you at the end.

Make us believe,
Cast away your fears and see who we are:
We are free, we are a revolution.
Track Name: How the West Was Lost
Just step aside and try to hold your tongue.
And we’ll let you know when this is done.
It won’t be long ‘til you can speak again.
And we’ll let you know when to begin.

Even the pain, yeah, we hunger to feel -
it’s just a shadow.
And for my name, yeah, it’s just as we feared.
I’ve gone and cast it off.

Ooh, Long since forgotten
And we thirst for yours.

So say what you want,
And do what you can,
But I’ll watch you break down.
What have I done?

So see this is why I’ve brought you here with me,
‘Cause I want new life, a new life.
And I have a feeling it’s not even my blood
that runs through my veins anyway.
God it’s a shame it’s so easy to steal,
I want nothing less than yours.
And pity remorse only used to be real:
a remnant of my past.

And if truth be told I’ve forgotten,
I’ve forgotten how to feel,
I’ve got to find somebody else to show me how.

All that I desire is to know it, to feel it.
And I want to get it right, to get it right the first time.
And it will all be done before you know.
And you might chance to see just what I’ve become.

And I’m going to get it right the first time,
And it will all be done before you know.
You’ll give everything that you have.

So you can say what you will, yeah
and you can do what you want,
But before you know,
you’ll give everything that you have.

So now the time has come
For me to take your life, yeah.
And now the deed is done.